Did you know the World Health Organization recognizes video game gambling as a mental health disorder? The gaming disorder takes over your life to where you abandon other life pursuits so you can play and bet more money.

It affects more than 9 million people worldwide, according to psychologists and other mental health professionals. Videogame gambling begins like any other addiction. I have faced my addictions, so I know what people go through.

The player will start playing online poker or blackjack online for fun. The person starts to feel that initial high. They want more of the same feeling. They like the feeling of instant gratification. The person will begin to play more than most players. Other players look at these online games as something fun to do, mostly for entertainment value. Addicts do not view things that way.

Six Signs Someone Has A Problem?

1) There is a certain preoccupation with video gaming and online gambling. It begins slowly, similar to a recreational thing. It will soon blossom into something more severe and extreme. It depends on how deep the person is into the addiction. Some only develop mild addiction symptoms, and others have more severe cases.

2) You take the gaming away, and the person goes into immediate withdrawal. The person will face a wide range of feelings including anger, irritability, frustration, boredom, anxiousness, and depression.

An Example

Chad has an upcoming birthday party. His friends decide to invest in a casino party rental. The day of the party arrives and his friends have to cancel the idea due to circumstances beyond their control. Chad starts to feel depressed and anxious over this. Chad’s birthday now means nothing to him due to the cancelation. He is left feeling very empty and irritable.

3) A person will feel this overwhelming need to keep gaming online. He or she will spend more money, so they can gain back some of the money they lost along the way. The person will build a higher tolerance than most over time. The person will feel the need to pay more due to the increased tolerance level. It is like taking a drug.

4) The person will attempt to control their actions. They will tell you they can stop at any time. The person might become erratic and say they have things under control. They do not.

5) The person will lie to you about their gambling. They will steal from others to keep the habit going. It is like any other addiction. The person is at the mercy of the addiction. In other words, the addiction is calling the shots, not them.

6) The person will begin to feel the negative impacts of gaming and gambling. However, they will keep playing. They know it is bad. They know it is ruining their life, but they keep playing anyway.

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